A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

LD32 (An Unconventional Weapon)

Dischord: A game about blowing stuff up with music.

Strum sick tunes to traverse a dangerously cute dungeon & explode the baddies! Seek the ultimate instrument!

Keyboard Controls & XBox Controller Support

We're wefiends. Two brothers making games since 2008 with musician, Steph Fung. Thanks for checking out "Dischord", a game submitted to the Ludum Dare Jam 32 (An unconventional weapon). Our toolbox: Cocos2Dx, Flash, Photoshop, musical sounds recorded by Steph Fung & ambient sound from freesound.org.



Install instructions

Unzip file and open.


Dischord Mac 15 MB
Dischord - ZIP 22 MB
Dischord - Installer 20 MB